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  • Can I bring bedding and toys?
    We have plenty of cozy bedding options at the cattery so you are able to leave your own items at home. If your cat is particularly attached to their own bedding please note the following: Bedding We are always happy for you to bring something from home with your cats scent on it as long as it is clearly labelled. This familiarity helps them settle in and relax. Please avoid bringing anything that is; -Overlarge and bulky (we do not want to limit your cats space in their unit) -Hard to clean - Expensive and/or sentimental While we do our best to return all items in good clean condition, we do not take any responsibility for anything that it ruined or lost. Toys Likewise, we have a whole toy library for our guests to enjoy while they are away from home. Small items like toys can be hard to keep track of especially through busy periods, these are best left at home if possible.
  • Why does my cat need to be vaccinated annually?
    At Hillcrest Cat Motel we do our very best to limit any outbreaks of Feline Flu. The best way to do this is to have a blanket policy that requires every cat is protected against respitory illnesses. There are a wide variety of vaccines that are available and your Vet can make a recommendation as to which is best for your particular cat. Annual boosters are your cats best defence against becoming ill and/or lessening the effect of their illness in the event they become unwell. Our full vaccination policy is outlined in our Terms and Conditions, but the salient points are: - A 12 month vaccination cycle is required for boarding cats. - Cats must have a 10 day period between having their shots and entering the cattery (this is because they are shedding a live virus) If you unsure about your cats vaccination status, or if your cat meets the criteria please call us to discuss.
  • What do you feed your guests?
    We stock Royal Canin Fit 32 biscuits and have found that it is a great all rounder. We also feed a selection of wetfood (brands/flavors vary depending on availability) If your cat has a specific diet/preference at home that you would like them to continue at Hillcrest you are welcome to bring your own food. Please label this clearly with your cats name. If your cat is on a prescribed Vetinary diet, please ensure you provide enough to cover the length of their stay and label clearly with your cats name.
  • What happens if my cat becomes ill?
    Because we are a small team we come to know our guests quite well. If there are any observable changes in demeanor and general wellness we are quick to make an appointment to have a medical consultation with your regular Vet. This is our preference as they will have your cats history and often know what to look for if your cat has a condition that is being managed. If we are unable to make a timely appointment with your Vet, we will try our consulting Vet, Dr S. Nelson at Animal Health Centre in Epuni. We have a long established professional relationship with this clinic and have always been pleased with the care provided and the extra consideration given to our boarders. Failing that, we will keep trying until we find a clinic that can see us urgently. As you know, cats are very good at masking their ailments until they become very unwell. If you have observed any changes in your cats overall health, demeanor, eating and drinking habits, toileting, weight loss etc. please let us know prior to drop off so we can keep an eye out for any deterioration.
  • Why don't you accept diabetic cats?
    Medicating at 12 hour intervals with insulin is a huge responsibility. With the way our staffing works we may not always have someone on shift who is confident and experienced to administer this treatment. We have also found that if a diabetic cat becomes ill or stressed that they often deteriorate rapidly, which is alarming for all parties. For these reasons we recommend that you board your cat at a cattery that is attached to a vet clinic where there is a higher level of medical care provided.


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